Monday, January 3, 2011

Knitting in the New Year

Well, HI! Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year! I spent the weekend organizing my yarn stash. I went through my binder of patterns and pulled stuff out and started to put things in sheet protectors. For my yarn I tend to see a pattern first, then I'll purchase yarn for that particular project. Often I fall in love with the whole look of an item...the pattern, the yarn and the color. Most of my yarn is from Knit Picks, so I often will substitute the yarn for something from them, but I do have a couple of skeins of some really special yarns. I just ordered some Royale Hare sock yarn to make the Maia shawl that I found on ravelry. The yarn is called Bug Juice (yuck, I know!), but the color is a gorgeous olive green with flecks of mustard/brown. Can't wait to see it!

I'm almost finished with my Pettine shawl with the hand dyed silk that I purchased from my friend, Lynn at her etsy shop, The Princess Rooms. So very lovely.

Well, I assigned each yarn to its pattern and put them in separate Ziploc bags. The photo is the Ishbel shawl that I made for my mom for Christmas and the others are some yarns for some shawls to come. I really need to increase my knitting speed because I've got NINE shawls to knit. Not one pair of socks. Think I need to change the name of this blog. :)

May the Lord bless your day abundantly!


  1. Happy New Year, it was nice to see your post come up in my reader. What a lovely shawl, and those yarns are so pretty and looks so soft. Sounds like you are now organized and have lots ahead of you...hope you post as you complete them, hint hint :)



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