Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bunnies, bunnies, everywhere!

This is for you, Linda! My dining room has been taken over by these two English Angoras. Our beautiful farm table made from reclaimed barn lumber has become grooming central. Please note the gigantic bag of hay and the tub of pellets. O.K. so we're not really farmers yet, but it's getting hard to take each other seriously with rabbit fur stuck to our glasses.

May the Lord bless your day abundantly!

P.S...tomorrow I intend to write about this week and to thank friends! :)
P.P.S. Oh. The picture of Joshua is him dumping the remains of his ice cream sundae upon his head last night. My I love my family.


  1. Oh...absolutely adorable :)


  2. We seem to have bunny stuff everywhere as well. Ours aren't quite as furry. But it seems like every week we end up with more furry or feathered friends in our home...Those bunnies are adorable we have seen them once before at the local shelter I think they are more work than people realize. ~Looks like your son really enjoyed his sunday hehe!! ~Love Heather

  3. You are such a FUN family! :-)


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