Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dinner games...

The Andy Griffith Show
The Andy Griffith Show

Dinner in our home is no relaxing matter. We don't usually chat leisurely as we dine. There are always games to be played. It began years ago with the Doctor's Cat. The doctor's cat is an adorable cat; the doctor's cat is an adorable, bewildering cat...and it goes on until z. When the little ones were small they were only asked to do their letter and not everybody else's. We have also had some grown-up visitors who would rather not try to remember all the others either. We let them slide, they're guests after all.

Another game is Easy, Medium, Hard. Little slips of paper are given out with one of these three options and the person to your left gets to ask you a "hard" question, etc. We usually decide on a topic beforehand or use an Usborne science book, or history one.

Then, there's Movie Lines. This seems to be everyone's favorite. We don't really watch regular television, but we do love family movies. So one person starts and says a line and everyone has to guess which movie it's from. Endless possibilities.

S came up with a good new one last night. You mix up the order of the syllables of a word and everyone guesses the word. Example: ure nat would be nature. Very challenging. Particularly for Ruby who we believe has some auditory processing problems.

Then we played a few rounds of Actor's Lines. Someone names a movie character and you have to come up with most creative line from that person. Someone is named the judge for that round. You can either win on accent, creative line or both. Well, last night's was Barney Fife. There was an episode where Barney was buying a used car at a "too good to be true" price. My line was, "Now, Andy, this car was kept in a garage and only driven out to church by a little ol' lady!!!" in the very familiar Barney Fife nervous drawl. I won. Then hubby says, "But that's not fair! You naturally sound like Barney Fife." Really. Huh.

The funny thing about it is that I was not terribly insulted by the comparison. What a quirky family we have. Have some fun with yours. Eat dinner together. Laugh a lot. Share together. Be cheerful (a much more biblical outward expression rather than the inward goals of "being positive").

May the Lord bless your day abundantly!

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